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New Water Services are installed "at cost" and are based on the distance from the water main to the front property line. Services have a restricted flow of 1 USGPM and require a cistern and pressure pump at the customer's residence. If you areinterested in having a water service installed, please follow the steps listed below:
Contact the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission (Highway 14 Water) to determine if water service is available in your area.
A quote will be prepared and forwarded to you if water service is available.
The quote includes the cost for installation from an existing main to the customer's property line. This quote DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of installing the service line from the property line to the customer's residence.
To proceed with a service installation, an application form must be completed, signed and dated, and returned to Highway 14 Water's Office with a deposit amounting to 20% of the quoted installation price. When the quote is accepted it will become a contract price.
Highway 14 Water will initiate the installation process by obtaining the required approvals, procuring materials, and scheduling the work with our installation contractor.
Highway 14 Water will supply the service tubing and connectors to extend the water service from the property to the destination location/residence on the customer's property.
The customer must arrange the installation of the service line from the property line to their residence directly with a contractor. The customer may want to consider whether directional drilling or open cut excavation is preferred.
The Contractor used by Highway 14 Water is Alberta North Construction Service, who will work directly with the customer to install the service line and required equipment.
Customers should require and ensure that their contractor sanitizes and flushes service lines, cisterns and equipment prior to use.
Once the service installation is complete and the customer is ready to have the water turned on, they must call the Office (1-866- 333-3791 or 780-663- 2019) and set up a new service account. To set up a new account, the customer must provide a security deposit of $275.
The customer must then set up an appointment to meet one of our operators at their residence to have the meter installed and the water turned on. The water will not be turned on if the customer is not present.
Upon completion of installation of the water service, the remaining amount owing will be invoiced.
Service lines, water storage and pressure pumps must be kept warm in winter. Heat tapes or space heating and insulation should be installed where ever there is a risk of freezing.
2024 rates are as follows: Monthly fixed charge is $44.09/month and the commodity charge for members and non-members is $5.366/m3. One cubic meter equals 220 gallons.