How to Setup a Utility Account or Truckfill Account

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Setup a Utility Accounts

The Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission utility account is setup for each property where a water service is required.

If the property you purchased already had an active utility account for the previous owner, the previous owner’s account would be closed. You must contact Highway 14 Water directly (780) 663-2019 to set up a new account to avoid the water from being disconnected. There is a fee for new accounts a $275.00 Security Deposit is required before the account can be put in your name.

For water metered accounts, Highway 14 Water will arrange for the meter to be read on the closing date and will forward the final utility bill to the forwarding address given.

Once the previous owner utility account has been finalized, a new account will be created for you. The final reading from the previous owner will be the starting read for your account.

Utility bills are billed every month and mailed out at the end of every month. Utility bills are due the 15th of every month if your payment is late 1.5% penalty is applied.

Setup a Truck Fill Account

To setup a truck fill account you must contact us directly you will be given a three digit access number and a four digit pin of your choice. You must prepay you can pay over the phone with a credit card or by online banking by using your three digit access number as your account number. Please note if you are paying by online banking the payment will take a day or two till we get it.

You can also pay at the Highway 14 Regional Water Office, we accept cash, cheque, visa, mastercard, debit and interac e-transfers or by using our online 24 hours day Flowpoint System.