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The Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission was established under Order-In-Council 340/90 and confirmed under Ministerial Order 500/90.

The Commission has five members including; the Town of Tofield, the Town of Viking, the Village of Ryley, the Village of Holden, and Beaver County. Board representatives appointed to the Commission must be sitting members of the elected councils of the members jurisdiction.

The Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission Pipeline system obtains its water supply from Epcor through Strathcona County and extends along Highway 14 delivering high quality treated water to the municipalities of Beaver County (rural customers, the Hamlet of Bruce and Kinsella) the Town of Tofield, Village of Ryley, Village of Holden and the the Town of Viking. The Commission also supplies water to the non-member municipalities of Strathcona County and Camrose County. The Commission provides meter reading and billing to almost 800 residential and business customers.

Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission also owns and operates the municipal water distribution systems in the Villages of Ryley, Holden, the Hamlet of Bruce, Roundhill and Kingman. The Commission also operates bulk water truck fills at the West End, Tofield, Ryley, Holden, Bruce and Kinsella