Highway 14 Regional Water

We serve citzens of our member municipalities to ensure SAFE, RELIABLE, AND AFFORDABLE WATER, to cooperatively fulfill the municipalities mandate.



The Ryley truck fill station has now reopened to both residential customers(self haulers) and commercial water haulers.


CAO Presentation 2022 for BRP

Changes to rates

THE HIGHWAY 14 REGIONAL WATER SERVICES COMMISSION will be implementing a water increase to the Commodity Charge (Distribution and Bulk) effective March 1st, 2022. The Commission’s water rates will reflect this increase on the March month end utility bills.

Changes to rates are as follows:

Distribution Commodity Rate has been increased from $4.515/m3 to $4.966/m3.

Bulk Commodity Rate has been increased from $3.815/m3 to $4.196/m3.

Update – as of August 18, 2022

Our office is now open to the public.

We continue to practice social distancing we ask that only two customers enter the lobby at a time.

If you are experiencing flu like symptoms please do not enter.

Payments can still be made by mail, phone, internet banking and most financial institutions.

You can also drop payments off in the door slot.

Regular meeting dates for 2022

Regular Meetings will be held every third Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m. If you like to attend or be added to the agenda please contact our offices.


Highway 14 Regional Water offers an online, self-serve prepaid bulk water system called Flowpoint. This system will allow you to deposit funds, check balances and print reports at your convenience 24 hours a day for your truck fill account. Please note that it will take up to 2 hours to process the payment before it will show up on your truck fill account.