5029-51 Avenue, Ryley, Alberta, Canada, T0B 4A0


Reconnection Fee Residential Non-Residential $100 Actual Cost
Meter Handling Fee Residential Non-Residential Testing $60.00 Actual Cost $200.00
Dishonoured Cheques   $30.00
Late Payment Charge

When accounts are not paid in full on or before the due date, that amount relating to the current month's charge unpaid by the due date shall be increased by 1.5 % percent per month and such increased amount shall become due and payable by the Customer the day immediately following such due date. Such increase shall be in addition to the amount due pursuant to such account.

Fixed Charges for Supply of Water Rural Customer Urban Customer $40.80 per month $28.50 per month
Commodity Charge (Distribution)   $3.635 per cubic metre
Commodity Charge (Bulk)   $3.385 per cubic metre
Non-member Commodity Charge   $3.785 per cubic metre
Truckfills Bulk (Ryley, Holden, Bruce, Kinsella, Tofield and WETF) Bottle Fill (Tofield and WETF) $4.535 per cubic metre  $0.05 per litre
Minimum Monthly Charge Fixed Charge
Minimum Rural/Urban Connection Contribution   "At Cost" which includes main extensions, service line installations and secondary service lines.
Account Security Deposits   $275.00

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